Superior food experiences for our guests.

Remote workforce lodging is a rewarding, exciting and challenging business. The last 17 years of providing hospitality services, and the combined 75 years plus within our management, have helped us learn valuable lessons in delivering consistent, top-notch service with careful attention to safety, industry leading standard operating procedures and innovation. We have achieved high levels of client satisfaction while still balancing cost without sacrificing service and product. Lodgistx has become purposefully adaptable to each unique environment we operate, knowing our clients are not looking for a one-size-fits-all approach but a commitment to work toward mutual goals in serving our guests.

Whether operating our own branded lodge, a rig camp or a client lodge we are diligently committed to an enjoyable stay for our guests. Those guests are our vendors, suppliers, clients and staff. As such, we are committed to maintain a well trained, knowledgeable and happy workforce. When our team feels purposeful, appreciated and rewarded they will work with us to go above and beyond to ensure everyone enjoys their stay. Each day we make our operating locations a home away from home.

Here are a few things we are passionate about regarding catering services:

  • Food should be delicious, fresh and nutritious.
  • The best food service comes from a talented and rewarded food services team.
  • We uphold our selves to the highest standards of presentation and quality.

Here’s how we work toward these standards:

  • Typically, our menu is based on a 5-week rotational menu.
  • Our staff and managers are trained to actively engage our clients and seek feedback.
  • Our employees plate all meals as per request so we can get immediate feedback from our clients.
  • We also actively use feedback forms.
  • Our Field Supervisors regularly visit camps to meet with staff, clients and the consultant to get feedback and to complete site audits.
  • These audits include food presentation inspections, food quality inspections, food safe inspections, room checks etc. to ensure standards are being maintained.
  • Groceries orders are placed by the Chef and Manager in camp and are verified by our Executive Chef based out of our Head Office.
  • Groceries are usually supplied twice a week depending on need and storage.